Marco Puyó, founding partner and winemaker of Viña DAGAZ begins exploring the different “terroirs” of Colchagua Valley in the year 1994, producing wines from most of the localities of the valley for the wineries in which he worked. In the year 2005, searching among the most outstanding origins he had known, finds in Pumanque a unique terroir.

In 2006 participates as a partner in the plantation of a vineyard of 40 hectares (98 acres). From the year 2009, he began to make manually small quantities of wine, of one or two barrels per year. For the first time, he had the possibility to make wine on a personal scale, witch spirit was to be an expression of the terroir from where it came. Nowadays there is a record of bottles from that first vinification to date.

In the year 2015, together with Patricio Gomez -Barris, the third generation of a family of corkers, founded Viña DAGAZ.

“DAGAZ” is a Celtic rune that means “the beginning of a new path”, reflecting the new stage that begins in their professional life’s. The red color isotype of Viña DAGAZ corresponds to the symbol of this rune.

With the inaugural vintage of 2016, they made a wine called “DAGAZ Tierras de Pumanque” a blend of the four varieties planted in Pumanque´s property. Cabernet Sauvignon,Carmenere, Syrah and Petit Verdot.

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